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The Montgomery County Chamber Foundation is designed for practical community giving in meaningful ways. Chartered as an affiliate of the Montgomery County Chamber Of Commerce in southeastern Pennsylvania, the foundation is certified for as a 501(c)-3 charitable institution. Donations are deductible as charitable contributions.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Montgomery County Chamber Of Commerce is to promote the concept of voluntary service as emergency first responders to young people through a scholarship program hosted at Montgomery County Community College, foster economic development programs, historic preservation and education. The educational component is committed to Pennsylvania’s award winning Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week.


The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors with special volunteer consultants acting in the fields of emergency first response, education and historic preservation.

Volunteer First Responder Scholarship Program

Communities in Montgomery County rely overwhelmingly on volunteer first responders – fire fighters, fire police and emergency medical technicians. Increasingly there has been a shortage of volunteers emerging since late in the 20th century. This shortage can be particularly acute during the workday as many of the volunteers work outside their home communities.

In Pennsylvania volunteers can begin their emergency first responder service as young as the age of 15. Undergoing rigorous training they can begin routine duties at the age of 17. Our program is designed to award scholarships to Montgomery County College for students who volunteer for service, complete training and maintain grade averages. Our recruitment potential is focused on area high schools as well as the college.

Economic Development

Includes programs that work in tandem with Montgomery County with a focus on older business structures. Each year the foundation conducts an ‘opportunity tour’ for investors showing the assets and business advantages of a township or borough. Additionally priorities are placed on front end/soft highway funding.


In addition to our volunteer first responder program the foundation also prioritizes Pennsylvania’s highly successful Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week. Held each summer PFEW takes high school students through a week of fun in a ‘business boot camp’ environment with the objective of teaching the values of America’s free enterprise system.

Historic Preservation

Montgomery County has one of the wealthiest historical heritages in the United States. Valley Forge, Fort Washington, the county seat of Norristown all feature extraordinarily significant structures surrounding events of importance since before this nation was founded. A priority of the foundation is to bring these monuments to young students in the hopes of developing a sense of vast appreciation for our fundamental freedoms. First round requests are not solicited by application. Interested parties should send a brief letter outlining their request. The foundation will advise the applicant of further interest.

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