Lunch & Learn: Cyber Security 2018, For the Rest of Us Humans


Tuesday, June 5, 2018


11:30am networking & registration, 12 noon lunch & presentation


Bonefish Grill, King of Prussia

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Cyber Security 2018, For the rest of us Humans

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 | 11:30 – 1:00

Bonefish Grill, King of Prussia

Presented by

Joseph Awe, CEO

TechBlders, Inc.

Many people feel that don’t know “anything” about computers, yet they probably use one every day.  This is like being a child let loose on a 12-lane highway, and trying not to get hit by traffic. Maybe it’s time that you take an hour to understand what threats are out there, and learn what you need to do protect yourself.  At one end, it could save your business reputation, at the other, it could save your business, and in between your career.

We discuss

Did you feel it?  The seismic landscape change in cyber threats.

Are your systems secure?  “Well, I think so?” means you’re not secure.

How do they find me?  Did you ever hear about the Dark Web?

What can I do about it?  How about a few simple behavior changes?

Ignorance maybe bliss, but it can wipe you out.

I’ve boiled down the essentials to what you can do to keep yourself “safer”.

Come and let me enlighten you, before it wipes you out.

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